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Drupal 8: Restricting a node content type with access token from viewing.

Now i’ll share a Module to alter the existing Drupal “Site Information” form. Specifics:

  • A new form text field named “Site API Key” needs to be added to the “Site Information” form with the default value of “No API Key yet”.
  • When this form is submitted, the value that the user entered for this field should be saved as the system variable named “siteapikey”.
  • A message should inform the user that the Site API Key has been saved with that value.
  • When this form is visited after the “Site API Key” is saved, the field should be populated with the correct value.
  • The text of the “Save configuration” button should change to “Update Configuration”.
  • This module also provides a URL that responds with a JSON representation of a given node with the content type “page” only if the previously submitted API Key and a node id (nid) of an appropriate node are present, otherwise it will respond with “access denied”.

This Drupal Module is available here at GitHub.

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