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We usually search and buy domain without “www” prefix either from whois or any other DNS and register the desired domain name like “” – i.e. without “www”. After design – development – deployment – clients sometime require either all URLs will be with “www” or with out “www” – due to some canonical problem […]

Sometimes Developers requires to play directly into Database through PhpMyAdmin or Adminer tool. And sometimes directly browsing File-Folders in server through FileZilla. No Git. Here, we need to secure the connection between developer computer and AWS server through SSH keys. After logged in into you can connect using SSH. First, We’ll get is like […]

There are some Ubuntu commands we use very frequently and its harder to remember these all. To avoid searching over the net i am writing those down here precisely for reference so that i can have a look at it anytime. 1. Setting file permissions to 664 recursively –$ find . -type f -exec chmod […]

This is very very basic topic but still we need this while configure our new Ubuntu system. Our Public profile gets encrypted thats why its more secure to www/html . I always prefer to use Public folder to setup local development website. We need to follow these steps below to set this. sudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf […]

Here i am trying to share some understanding for beginners by writing down a technical blog regardingCamunda BPMIt’s specially for my reference to recall and understand it at a glance whenever needed and may be this is helpful to someone else as well 😉 Camunda BPM Basics:Camunda BPM is a JAVA based open-source framework for […]

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