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Now i’ll share a Module to alter the existing Drupal “Site Information” form. Specifics: A new form text field named “Site API Key” needs to be added to the “Site Information” form with the default value of “No API Key yet”. When this form is submitted, the value that the user entered for this field […]

Theming with Drupal 8

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Content Type – Node Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.Here i am assuming that you have already gone through my previous blog related to Taxonomy Terms data migration. If not no problem too 🙂Say we are developing a module as Custom Migration module with Module key as “migrate_custom”.And yes we’ll require to develop this for […]

Taxonomy consists with Vocabulary and Terms.While migrating Taxonomy Terms we’ve to consider few basic settings. Like whether our destination database (drupal 8 instance) is already containing some old data or not. Whether we need to rollback post migration … If we follow migration strategy and develop our code based on that we can easily achieve […]

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