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Ashoka Tree has started writing blogs on Technologies and Business – we are working on and some research data that helps and inspire others.

Trying to share what’s changed, and what’s to come and what’s going on.

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By blogging, Ashoka Tree is trying to share and lead to digital transformation.

Now i’ll share a Module to alter the existing Drupal “Site Information” form. Specifics: A new form text field named “Site API Key” needs to be added to the “Site Information” form with the default value of “No API Key yet”. When this form is submitted, the value that the user entered for this field […]

Sometimes we need localization of contents i.e if a website visitor is browsing site from USA will be shown different content then someone is browsing from India or Germany.So our aim is to show Content based on Visitor’s Country, Geo IP, Geo Location. To do so we’ll extend the required content type with a filed say […]

We can easily configure Apache or NGINX server with specific port(s) to a domain or url.In this section i would like to share how to configure NGINX web server with two different ports for a domain and then map one url to a specific port.This way we are also forwarding the a http request to […]

TYPO3 extension “googleroutemap” is to integrate Google Map into your website. It’ll locate the current user’s location automatically. It’ll also has some predefined destinations. These destinations are records from database table ‘tx_googleroutemap_domain_model_routemap’ from Backend. It’s tested with version 7.6.0.Google Route Map is a very small extension with good example. Please check the screenshot below. Source […]

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